Philips 47pfl8404H -Hdmi-macbook connection loosing colours after few min

Oct 25, 2014
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I got Philips 47pfl8404H tv. I connect it to my dell alienware laptop by hdmi without any problems. Never had any, neither on dvd,playstation nor by laptop. Everything is perfect.

Problem occured when i bought macbook pro lately. When i connect it by hdmi after few minutes 5-10-15 , there is no rule suddenly the screen on tv goes green for a second and then all colours are lost, it looks like negative - This is the screen, i cant upload it.

I tried diffrent hdmi cables and tv outputs but it always end the same. It always happen after few minuets and then after minute sometimes maybe 2 or 3 there is agreen screen for a second again and it goes back to normal. It also goes back to normal when i disconnect and connect cable again. I gave macbook to warranty but they checked everything, probably changed port and i got it back. Now i tried to connect macbook by hdmi to my other laptop because i got there hdmi in output and everything is fine. Screen is perfect and there are no problems so there has to be something between macbook and tv.

On dell laptop i never had this situation. I use good quality hdmi cables, not best but with medium price.

On Philips Forum i found this topic

There are instructions that helped in this matter as following:

"incompatible handshake between the TV and MacMini (which runs Lion). The solution that worked for me is to add a file to the 'Overrides' folder on your Mac. See below:

1. Download DisplayVendorID-410c
2. Unarchive it
3. In the Finder, go to (using cmd-shift-G) the directory /System/Library/Displays/Overrides/
4. Place the entire directory you unarchived in step 2 (DisplayVendorID-410c) in the directory /System/Library/Displays/Overrides/
5. Reboot "

Problem is that this folder is for Lion system probably and i dont think i can just put this one for Mavericks one. And simply cant find it for my system.

Do you think it can be the solution for me here and any idea where i would find same folder and check it on mavericks system?

I also heared something abouty handshake and HDCP. Anyone familar with this?

Thx in advance


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Please refer to our Sticky Post on how to connect a TV to your Mac and which cables to use. Follow this LINK. Be sure to read thru all the posts as you should find something there that will help you.

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