PC user... Don't wanna be!



Hello to the community.

I'm new to this forum and likewise new to Mac's, with never actually owning one and only using Flash on one whilst studying at a college during a short summer course. I was thinking about purchasing a Mac for doing...

  • 3D model making
  • Animation
  • Textures
  • Designing
  • Rendering

...but I don't know as much about Mac's as I do PC's after using them for the majority of my life. I was wondering if anyone could suggest software and hardware I could use for such a set-up. Websites owners like...

...both use Macs for making there content.

Please could you give me any advice and guidence.
Thank you from, Jono Candy.


i do video editing in FCP and loads of graphic design (dreamweaver/fireworks) on a 1ghz 15" g4 imac. runs great. if you're going to get an imac though - wait til after june, new models wil probably be out. *tear. why didnt i wait! max out your RAM!
most big-name software on pcs is on macs too.
a g5 would do you wonders.

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