PC can access some Mac shares but not all of them

Mar 14, 2015
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Howdy, I have been struggling with an issue getting my Windows 7 PC to access some shares on my mac. From the PC I can access the mac by going to the IP address(\\, login w/ admin acct, and then I can access some of the shared folders just fine. The problem is that the folders I have shared on an external NTFS hard drive that I have hooked to the mac cannot be accessed. I can see them but I cannot access them. All of the shares are setup in the same manner where the admin account is given read/write and Everyone is given read/write. I'm not sure what to even try at this point since on the Mac side it seems like I am really only given a few basic options.

Some additional info:
1. They are in the same workgroup... called workgroup.
2. The mac is on Lion.
3. If I try to access the mac via \\servername it will not connect.

If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate them. I've been scouring google for answers but I can't really find similar issues, just all or nothing access issues or from mac to pc issues :/

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