Paypal account hacked, lost 1.5k

Oct 15, 2011
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In British currency around 1k so whatever that is in dollars.

So he had my password. It was a random string so there was no guesswork. Now I don't use public PCs really because of this, and if I do I don't enter my passwords in them. He apparently accessed my account back in June (used proxys and my account has been signed in from Washington, Canada etc) and only a few days ago did he decide to take a huge lump sum out. Obviously an idiot as paypal shut down my account and I'm going to be getting the funds back once the investigation is complete.

Guessing it's probably some naive kid (great Irish guy on the phone from Paypal said the whole thing looked amateur) however I did live with this really strange guy in my 2nd year at college (I graduated a few months ago now) and part of me is wondering could he have put a keylogger on my Mac? I know keyloggers can exist on Mac but how likely is it that he could get one, put it on my mac (lived next door to me and so could have easily done that) and have it read everything back to him? Rational side of me is saying no to this but the dude was an oddball, pretty obsessed with me, sent me messages repeatedly asking why I deleted him off my FB earlier this year for example. If it's someone I know, it would be him. Doubt it was, but I guess stuff like this makes you paranoid of everyone and every thing. Even if it wasn't, could a keylogger be put on my Mac through a download, file send etc? I know they aren't as susceptible to viruses as Windows simply due to Windows being the dominating OS but I still am left wondering just what is possible?

So any help appreciated on this one! Would like some insight into keyloggers in a Mac context, how likely it is etc. Horrible way to start my day this was. :(

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