password problem



I will try to make a long story short.

My brother sent me an old (biege) G3 running 9.2, that he inherited, and I am just about to get it set up for my son. It just came today, and while they were dinking around with it, apparently, his girlfriend deleted one of the old users, and the other one requires a password. Now they can't login at all. (Is this possible? wouldn't she have to have been logged in as that user since the other one requires a password? How can she delete the user she is logged in as?)

Anyway, how do I get around this? Is there a secret code or something to get passed this login screen? I don't need access to any of this user's files, in fact, I will delete him as soon as I get a chance.

I do not have an OS 9 disc to boot from, I do have an 8.5 and an OS X disc though. Will one of these work?

I also may need to find an old modem, one that connects to these old round kind of ports. Any clue how to find one? We have an old 28.8 modem, but my ISP says it might be too slow. We are only trying to use dial-up, can the modem be too slow? Where can I find a list of compatible modems?

Appreciate any help, they are anxious to get online.


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