Password not working

Apr 1, 2007
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Hello, I am sure this thread has been here before but I can not find anything about it.

I am the only user for my macbook pro and I had used the same password all the time.
Now that I go to do updates asks me for that password, when I enter it, says that is incorrect, I logout and enter my password and it says that is incorrect.

I have not changed my password since I got this macbook.
What are my options?

Call support?
Take it back to the store?
SCREAM... (nah I REALLY LOVE MY MAC, much better than my PC)

Thanks for any help

Waves from Milwaukee


Welcome to Mac-Forums, MacinWis.

I'm sure a mod will be around soon to move your thread to the right place but you posted this in the wrong sub-forum. Classic refers to the pre-OS X days with OS 9, 8, etc.

To answer your question, there is an Apple Knowledge Base Article that explains how to go about Changing or resetting an account password.

Hope this helps. :girl:

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