Partitioning...i think??

Feb 21, 2010
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I'm looking to have two partitions on my computer that i can easily access whenever i need. I am a DJ and store all of my music on my computer. I want to have one partition just with my music and DJ software on it and the other with the rest of my day to day computer stuff, files, applications, movies etc... I have a WD my book hard drive (if that helps) and i use a 13 inch macbook pro. Any help or other suggestions on what i should do that anyone has would be appreciated. Thanks!
Jul 30, 2009
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Your Mac's Specs
Mac Mini (Late 2014) 2.6GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 8GB 1600MHz DDR3
What Mac? What OS?

I was discouraged from partitioning my Mac Mini running OSX Leopard. I can't repeat the technical reasoning, but I know that partitioning is less common now that under OS9 or earlier.


You can do this easily using Disk Utility -- you'll just need to clone everything over to an external so you can reformat/re-partition the drive, then move everything back except the iTunes Library.

A better idea, however, would be to make two iTunes libraries instead of two partitions. One iTunes Library can be for "regular" (or very little, its up to you) music, and the other can be the large "DJ" library.

The advantage of this is that the ever-growing "DJ" library could be stored on an external, which is only connected to your machine during DJ gigs. This would keep your boot drive from ever running out of space as your DJ collection grows, and keeps the large "DJ" library off your boot drive for everyday use.

You can create and switch between iTunes libraries by simply launching iTunes with the option key held down. Whichever library was last chosen is set as the default, so remember to "switch back" at the end of your DJ gigs.

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