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Feb 21, 2010
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MacBook Pro 5.5, iPhone 3GS
I have recently set up a multiple-partition disk for triple-booting my computer, however when I ran into issues installing the operating systems (XP SP3, Debian (Squeeze) Linux alongside Snow Leopard 10.6.2) I decided I would rather start from scratch and redo the partitioning from Mac.
Now here's the details:

Installed rEFIt - works like a charm.
I ran diskutil from terminal and broke up my partitions into a 170 GB Mac, 32 GB Linux and a 38 GB Windows (FAT32) Partition.

Ran the "diskutil list" and everything went fine.
To check if it worked I went on to BootCamp and it told me that BootCamp cannot do anything if you have more than 2 partitions.

I then proceeded to install linux via LILO but the bootloader gave me an error saying that the ext2 filesystem could not be written to disk.
I then gave up on that and went on to do the Windows installation first but the Windows installation gave me a message for all 3 partitions saying that they cannot be used as a Windows Partition. (Normally, the last partition would be the Windows partition but that did not work either as it did not detect that drive as C: )

"Arrgh" would be the expression at this point.

Now I returned to Mac and to check Disk Utility but it only showed the 38 GB Windows partition and no 32 GB Linux partition...
This same error appeared when I ran the Disk Utility from the Mac OS X DVD.
BootCamp is also telling me that I cannot proceed with the BootCamp Assistant without updating my system software. (My software is fully up to date.)

So... is there any way to fix this without backing up onto Time Machine and reformatting?
Oh and no I did not back up before starting any of this as I did not expect this to happen.

I hear that iPartition may be able to solve this but I will hold out on the purchase if there is a safer, more direct way that I can do this.

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