Partition Problem Please Help

Jan 19, 2007
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San Jose, CA/Manoa,HI
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13' Black MacBook Core Duo 1.25 GB Ram 80GB HD
Hi, I formatted my partition using bootcamp then installed ubuntu. I tried installing XP on this partition but when it tells me to choose my partition is shows the OS X and the 12Gigs that I partitioned already as one partition.

I want to delete this 12 gigs and re-add it to my osx partition or at least make it readable by boot camp again. I formated the ubuntu partition using the ubuntu install disc and bootcamp still doesn't recognize it as being there. I was wondering if theres a special way to reformat it or something I did wrong thats making it show up as one partition.

How can I make it be recognized as two partitions so I can install XP on this second partition? Any help would be appreciated :[

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