Panther on a mixed network - SLOOOOW



I have one of our Macs on Panther now, and overall it's made a good improvement in speed on the system. But I'm wondering about my network speeds...

All our Macs that are using OSX are noticably slower than the ones still on 9.2.2 - have been since we upgraded. The speed difference wasn't that bad with 10.2.xx, but was still there. All our servers are PC, running either Win2K server or XP server. The Macs are all using assigned IP addresses (both the OS9 and the OSX systems), and have AppleTalk turnd off.

I've checked and double-checked all the settings I can think of on both the servers and the Macs, and the OSX Macs are just running way too slow. There is something definitely wrong if a 7300/200 can drag-copy a 200mb file before a G4/dual 1.42 can drag copy a 50 mb file.

Any suggestions - on either the PC or the Mac side... any suggestions at all would be appreciated.

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