pairing white wireless keyboard with Mac Mini

Feb 15, 2010
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I have an iMac G4 with mac OS 10.5.8. I just bought a Mac Mini to hook up to our HDTV which is about 30 feet away. I put in a USB mouse into the mac Mini when hooking it up the first time but I don't have a USB keyboard so I took my wireless 'white' keyboard from the iMac, turned it off, and brought it to the Mac Mini. It is discovered it, attempted to pair, allowed me to enter a passkey, but nothing happened when hitting return. It eventually went through a bunch of cycles trying to find a keyboard but it never allowed me to attempt another passkey entry. So I brought it back to iMac and now it's basically doing the same thing. I can't get it to pair with either now. So I then pulled out my laptop and wrote this message hoping for an easy fix.

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