Outlook and Junk?

Sep 26, 2011
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I'm used to MS Office for the PC, but recently got an iMac and i'm running Lion with Office 2011 for the Mac. Outlook for the PC was easy to add a sender to either the block or allow list. Just right-click on the email and the selection to block or allow was there.

With the Mac version, my only choices are Mark as Junk and Block Sender. If I want to allow the sender, that's not the choice I want. The mac version does have a Safe Domains list and a Blocked Senders list. However, the only way I see to add to the list is manual. I've got to type or copy and past into the list which is a big step back from right-click, selection.

Additionally, with the PC version I could specify the sender was ok, but not give an ok to the entire domain.

Have I missed something, or is Mac Outlook woefully behind the times here?

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