Outlook 2011 archiving

Aug 22, 2011
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I know this topic has been touched on tons of times since the release of Outlook '11, but I'm going to ask a slightly different version relating to backing up archives.

We have hosted Exchange with ~60 Mac users all with Office 2011. We are also using Mozy as our client backup solution for the time being. For Mac we currently setup two rules within the Outlook client for archiving, one for the inbox and one for the sent items. These rules are set to take all e-mails from a certain time and beyond and move them from the Exchange server to "on my computer" folders. The problem is it parses out these messages and mixes them in the main identity folder instead of placing them in an easily manageable PST file.

1. I need to know what you all have found is the best setup to archive mail and backup these locally saved archives.
2. I thought we could backup the MS user data folder but this becomes too large and slows the backups to a crawl from what I've tested. This also backs up the entire live Exchange mailbox which is silly.
3. Backing up to a .OLM file is out of the question. You cannot choose certain dates, it's all or nothing, and you can't look within the .OLM file as you can with .PST files.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as to the best archiving and backup plan, also any 3rd party utility recommendations.

Thanks a lot,

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