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May 22, 2007
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Would it be possible to install another theme and then let users choose the one they want, I have pretty poor eyesight and because the text is default gray I have a hard time reading it even when the text is set to very large. I'd personally make due with absolutely anything that doesn't strain the eye so much.

It would really go along way towards helping my enjoyment of these forums.

Jacob Rogers

Mar 11, 2004
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What browser do you use? If you use Firefox or switch to it, there's a extension for it called Prefbar, or Preferences Toolbar, that offers a host of settings, including Colors, that can be contolled from the top of the browser window.

The top picture, the one of your post (click the thumbnail), shows what it looks like with colours turned off, which reverts the page to Firefox's default colours (no check mark next to Colors in the toolbar, pictured at the top of the page). Because of the grey type, I turn colours off on this site most of the time (then reload the page if I arrived with colours turned on).

The Fonts setting is handy when I land on some really horrible pages. Turning Fonts off reverts "Egregious Condensed Extra Illegible Light" or whatever to Firefox's defaults.

The second pic shows some of the other choices available. If you use more than can fit in the bar, the rest are accessible from an arrow on the right side of it (I don't use that many) or from a drop-down next to the Help menu (see pic).

Prefbar is great. Once you've set it up with your choice of controls, there may be no need to open the Preferences ever again.

Prefbar can be made to disappear by choosing it under View in the menu bar or by punching F8.


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