OT: Thoughts about our devices pheriperals like armband.

Jul 24, 2013
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Ohio (USA)
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2023-14" M3max MBPro, 64GB/1TB, iPhone 15 Pro, Watch Ultra
You don't say what iphone you have and the choices fit different phone. I like the #2 choice because it has a key holder, offers two different arm size adjustments, and looks nice. The #3 choice seems to be large enough for an iphone 6 with a case on it too, if that is a consideration.

The first case is specific to the size of an iphone 5 with a lifeproof case on it and is for swimming which if you have an iphone 5 with a lifeproof case and swim then that will work.

I think your cheap but with quality one is #2 or #3 - depending on iPhone size - IMO


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