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I purchased an iMac with OSX 10.1 running on it "as-is", no disks, no manuals, etc. I'm saving to buy "panther" with the xCode dev platform but until that time, are there any other options for developing GUI apps for the OSX platform that don't involve the $$$ for a new set of OS disks?

Evidently, the previous owners didn't install xcode or gcc but surely since GCC is opensource, there has to be an opensource option available even if it involves more pain than a gui based IDE...?


Thanks in advance...
Mar 9, 2004
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Miami FL
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I really thought this would be kinda unlikely, but then I found this and I'm a bit surprised, could be loads of fun here. Does 10.1 have a terminal?


dev tools

Not having Panther is not a problem. Sign up for an account with developer.apple.com and download (it's a biggie) the Apple Developer Tools. That'll set you up with everything you need. I'm not entirely certain, but I believe the Dev Tools will come with Project Builder (since Xcode is Panther only), which is just Xcode with a less cool name and maybe a few buttons moved around. Other than that, developing on 10.1 is just the same as 10.3. Good luck

-- Editing my own post: I just signed on to ADC and they took the old 10.1 dev tools off the site.... the oldest I see are December 2002 -- requiring 10.2...Sorry. Unless you can find someone with a disk, the 10.1 dev tools are no longer available for DL.

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