OS9 Install Problem in Panther - HELP!


Big Beard

Please HELP! I am quite new to the Apple world and need assistance.

I bought a G5 just prior to the Panther release. Has Jaguar presently including classic environment with OS 9.2.2.

I bought the Panther upgrade but have not yet done the install.

Need to run an application in OS 9.2.2 – as I understand the issue Panther does have classic but I will need to install OS 9.2.2 in order to run my application.

Problem is –I don’t have OS 9.2.2. I do have a ‘Software install and restore’ disc which came with my G5 but I don’t see OS 9.2.2 as a distinct application within the contents of that disc – also I don’t know if that disc will even work at all once I have installed Panther. (unless someone can tell me how to extract OS 9.2.2 from this disc so that I can install it as a separate application)

I guess I want to simply download OS 9.2.2 then install it after I install Panther. I don’t mind paying for the download but cannot find anything but Update’s which will not (I assume) install the complete )OS9.2.2 system as it states OS9.2.1 is required for the update.

I cannot find anywhere to download OS9.2.2? Please help.

Also please let me know if I am totally off base with this whole thing.
Sep 5, 2003
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Well, I do know that some computers can't run Mac Os 9, and maybe the G5 can't run it. I know it works with my G3, but it's old and it came w/ mac os 9, so I didn't have any problems with the classic environment. You could try purchasing Mac OS 9 (if you can't find Mac Os 9.1 or above for sale on disk). Then boot from the CD (hold down "c" when the computer turns on with the OS CD in the drive). install os 9. After OS 9 is installed (it gave me difficulties installing, but after a few times, it worked for me), go to apple's website at apple.com, then go to Support- downloads and download Mac Os 9.1. Then download mac os 9.2.1. Finally download mac OS 9.2.2 . it has to be in this order.

Hope this helps you!


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