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Feb 27, 2007
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Blueberry iMac G3, 233MHz CPU, 256MB RAM, MacOS 10.3.9
***EDIT*** I (mostly) found my answers. I decided not to install any of the printer drivers (and install updated drivers from the manufacturer later if needed) and not to install isync/ical (since apparently they do not back everything up, I don't like that my PDA info would be held in more than one spot, and I don't need/want interaction with any other programs).

Feel free to read the post and respond anyway. Information is what makes the world go round.
***END EDIT***

Hi all. I recently got out my old green G3 iMac to use for basically schoolwork and instant messaging (saving my linux machine that I"m on now for programming and such). I might use it for music, but doubtful with a 4GB harddrive (though I could run the files over the network... anyway....).

The size of my hard drive is the basis of my question. Having a 4GB hdd, I'm doing a custom install of 10.3 (the only version I own). So I'm looking for things I don't need. I'm not installing the language translations or iMovie, but I'm looking at two other possible things I can leave out. They are iSync and Printer Drivers.

The printer drivers are over a gig if I install them all. I don't ahve a printer hooked up to my mac (its hooked up to my linux box, maybe I'll network it). My question is do I have to install the printer drivers now, or can I install only the drivers I need later, *if* I need them? ***EDIT*** I found online that the printer drivers with the CD are probably out of date anyway (which I assumed) and that other (newer) drivers can be installed later, if need be.

My second question is do I need iSync? I have a Palm Tungsten E. I've read that iSync doesn't do everything that Palm Desktop does, but I have no experience using iSync. Thoughts?

I'm trying to really cut things out so I can save hdd space. I'm going to try to get Office for Mac on here too (at least word and power point for school).

Thanks in advance!

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