OS 9 vs 10 stations with 10 Server?



Hello. In the last few months, I have upgraded my class server to OS10, but the lab is still on OS9, with the exception of my laptop. I have tried to simulate what it will be like with the student stations running OS 10, by trying to get my laptop to log into the server, etc. But when it started to not work right, I changed the settings on my laptop back right away and haven't tried since.

But I need to know what things will be like if I do go ahead and upgrade the lab to OS10. I realize I may not have any choice and will have to upgrade with new computers, but from what I gathered from Apple when setting up the OS9 stations, that running OS10 stations is totally different.

Has anybody gone through this...convert their server stations from 9 to 10 with a 10 server? What all am I going to loose? I really like that the students log in and then have a controlled environment. Will I still be able to control what programs they have access to, etc?

Thanks for any feedback.


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