OS 9 Internet Problem



My internet service provider (ISP) says they've tried everything and I still haven't had internet for almost a month at me new address. Using a new cable modem and a G4 OS 9.2. And the mac is pulling a bad 169 IP address, a cable tech was able to get online with his laptop no problem but the mac could not. Mac Authoriy shop in Nashville told me there is little that can be wrong, we've eliminated ethernet cables and cards. They think it's a problem with the ISP, I am able to take the G4 to my work office and get online no problem. The cable co. is the only provider in my area and they have been out several times to check the Power Levels, signals and they say everything looks good. I'm in a real pickle. I have had this same service for a year with minimal problems and the same everything, I move 10 minutes down the road and now this is happening. I was very careful with the mac in the move. Anybody got any ideas?

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