OS 9.2.2 and MS Outlook Mac 2001


The Crawf

We have 3 Macs in our studio, all with MS Outlook Mac 2001.
1 Mac is running OS 9.1, the other Macs are running OS 9.2.2.
The Mac running OS 9.1 has no problems with Outlook. The other 2 Macs (9.2.2) have the following problem:
We can open Outlook and all seems well, we can receive e-mails (internal and external). Outlook freezes when we: 1. REPLY to any mail. 2. We can create new mail, fill in the recipient, subject and main text, Outlook then freezes when we press SEND.
Strange that the 9.1 mac has no problems but the 9.2.2 have identical problems. Any ideas?

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