OS 10 test station for server?



Hello. I have an OS9 workstation that I have just installed OS 10 to begin testing and trying out the server arrangements, etc. from. My main question is how to set up the OS10 station to log in to the server to simulate a student log in, etc.

Currently, the server software is 10.2.8. All of the lab is OS9, except my laptop which is 10. I do not log in to the server. I actually REALLY like OS9, especially for the students because of the similarity with Windoze. BUT, new machines will be on their way eventually, and I know OS 10 is inevitable. I have gotten to like it very nicely on my laptop.

But I am REALLY concerned about the server operations. RIght now, everybody logs in and the environment is very controlled and very secure. Currently I have to manage the server via "Workgroup Manager" and "Macintosh Manager". I understand that once I go all OS 10, I will not be using MMgr.

When I first got the server software on-line and up and running, Apple was NOT very patient anad helpful. Occasionally, I would get a nice guy on the phone who would try to help. But the majority would ask if I had read the manual, and try to tell me that I really needed to read the manual, or get help from the IT. Well, our district gave up Mac a logn time ago. I am one of only 2 or 3 surviving Mac labs. I am the IT person. I have read the section on setting this up, and I jsut don't get it. I tried to do it on my laptop and just about locked myself out. One patient person at Apple told me what I needed to do to make my laptop look for the server, which at the time, I was able to get it sort of working, but things were not right.

So now I am out of my 90 up and running support, so now I am really on my own.

Does anybody have any suggestions or can point me in the right direction in terms of getting an OS 10 station to see an OS 10 server?


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