Options for getting Airport Extreme into older Powerbook G3?



So I've a Powerbook G3 Pismo withthe old Airport card installed. Since it's essentially just a PC card, I was wondering what options have come out so far that could take advantage of this.

I know that Sonnet Technologies has come out with the ARIA Extreme, but it's just a plain PCMCIA Cardbus card. But, it takes advantage of Apple drivers so there isn't any need for 3rd party software to run it. But with cards like this, I was wondering what are the smallest models out there in which the extending plastic antenna can be cut off and use the plug somehow to use the Powerbook built in antenna.

Something like this could benefit all Airport (802.11b) ready Powerbooks such as the Pismo and the Titanium. I'd rather not buying a regular Cardbus card that would stick out of the side.

I'm surprised that not companies, including Sonnet, have risen to the challenge of a replacement Airport card that supports the 802.11G standard. There are HUGE numbers of people that still have and use their Titaniums and Pismos.

So what say you?

me, littlebeancurd

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