Older PB vs New iBook?



Hi, I recently got the opportunity to purchase a laptop for school. I was originally was going to get an iBook 14" but I then saw the Titanium Powerbook design, it was awesome...

I will mainly be doing word processing/programming/iMovie/Sim City 4/The Sims etc.

I can get a refurbished 1Ghz Titanium Powerbook for a little cheaper than a new 14" Combo iBook. Obviously they are both about the same speed (CPU wise), but the only thing that worries me is the memory type.

1) Will the Titanium (Which only takes SDRAM) be much slower than the iBook which takes DDR SDRAM. Is the performance difference noticeable?

2) I would think the L3 cache on the PB gives it a great performance boost in various applications, is this true?

3) Would the lower amount of L2 cache on the PB (iBook has 512kb, PB has 256kb) matter?

4) Is the Radeon 9000 64Mb worse than the iBook's Radeon 9200 32MB?

5) I heard there were various heat/monitor problems with the Titanium, are these lies?

Lots of questions :) .


I think you'd be better going with the iBook at this point..the only big difference now days is if you want the superdrive or not....the new powerbooks are sweet..but the new iBooks are as sweet as the old powerbooks..or pretty close to anyways...plus the titanium is an "out of date mac"..not really...but the aluminiums have been out a while now..


I was in the exact same position, very resently, like you are now. I went with a Titanium 867 with 1GB of ram instead of a new 12" iBook.

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