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Hey guys, Im looking for some info here. I know very very little about Mac's. I got a PowerMac 7100/80 with 17" Monitor, external modem... etc for free from a friend that received it for free. I didnt receive any system disks with it, I am wonderingif I can some how Re-install, or delete everything except the OS -- or format. It has OS8 on it. I dont want to start deleting stuff in fear of messing up the entire system. Is there a "Add/Remove Programs" like Windows has?

If I got an OS8 disk, could I format this thing like I can PC's? Is it diffrent?

Sorry, I know nothing about Mac's Thanks for any help.
Dec 30, 2002
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Your Mac's Specs
if you have an OS 8 disk, and want to clean off the hard drive an reinstall the OS, insert the disk and hold down the C key on startup, and it will boot from the disk. open the disk in the finder. Inside there will be a Utilities folder (sometimes you have to scroll to see it). Run Disk Utility and reformat (intialize) the Disk. Then run the installer (Install OS 8) from the disk. You can customize it if you want, but it usually only takes about 15-30 mins tops after you erase the disk.

If you can find it, i would recommend getting OS 8.5 (and then the 8.6 updater which if free from apple's download page.) This OS works the best in my 7200

if you cant get os 8.5, at least update to OS 8.1 (which is also a free update.


Thanks, I dont have the OS8 Disk, Ill check around for 8.5 and get the update.

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