Ok What's the deal: slow disk access

Jul 25, 2004
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Gaithersburg, MD
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Mac Pro 2.6ghz Quad Xeon, 23" Cinema
When I got my new PB, did not upgrade to the faster disk (5400rpm I believe). I didn't think it would make that big of a difference. However, whenever I load a program or when I am booting up it seems like the disk is taking its sweet-ass time to get things done. I've repaired permissions, defragged using speedtools, and removed my cache. Should I just accept this as something I'm stuck with or are there ways to put my osx on a diet? I was thinking of trying to do a clean install and seeing if that helps any. Your thoughts?


That's the way it is. Can't alter the law of physics and overcome the slow disk with software. Clean install will help speeding up a little bit, but it's pain to reconfigure and reinstall all the softwares. And by the time you installed all the junks you had before, your Powerbook will slow down as before.

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