Norco DS-1220 12-bay File Server on MacPro

Jan 23, 2007
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MacPro 2.66gHz, 5gb RAM
I've just about filled up the four internal drives in my MacPro and four individual external drives and am adding a 12-bay eSATA server for more space. I don't want to continue adding individual external USB and firewire drives to the system.

I ordered a Norco DS-1220 along with six 500gb Seagate SATA drives. The DS-1220 allows two sets of five drives in RAID arrays with two independent drives. I'd hoped to set up a 5-drive RAID-5 array but, after reading version 1.0 of the Norco User Manual, don't believe that it's possible with the newest OS X release. The manual primarily addresses Windows with little help for Mac users.

I'm wondering if others have used this server or other servers on this scale for extended file storage with Macs.

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