Noob Mac Networking Question

Aug 5, 2008
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Please bare with me, this is my 1st mac having always had a PC. I noticed that when i click 'Finder' then my old Windows PC used to appear on the left of the page so i could access it's files, but in the last few days this has stopped appearing yet as far as i can tell i've not changed any setting, certainly not on the windows machine. I can still see the windows pc via the finder/go/connect to server option but i have to select that every time. Any ideas how to set up so that windows pc 'appears' naturally again when i start my mac?

There is also a printer attached to the pc, but i can't access or find this via my mac but it is shared. My son's windows pc can access it fine.

Anyone kindly advise on a solution.

Thanks in advance

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