No trackpad options in XP?

Oct 25, 2004
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Australia (American born)
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MBP 15" 2006 | 2011 21.5in iMac-1tb-i5-12gig | iPhone 3gs
I'm guessing there are no options for the track pad when using a usb mouse? I know that in Mac you can disable accidental track pad input when using a mouse so I was wondering if this option was available in XP ....

I'm tired of my "arrow" flying all around the screen when I type and my palm hitting the button... which ends up clicking on soemthing my mouse happens to be hovering over at that moment.
Especially on forums..... if I'm posting the mouse ends up over the BACK button on the browser and bumps me out...

So, am I right? There's no Options for track pad?

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