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Apr 22, 2004
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I have just switched my office over to osx from os9 where we used Outlook. Outlook had a field in the account setting for setting a default reply to email address for outgoing emails.

We now are using and it does not have this field available.

I know you can access it when sending each email by selecting that field. But since we send so many emails on a daily basis I would prefer that be set automatically for each sent email.

The reason I need this is that we are a remote office in another state from where our incoming mail is retrieved. So our local internet service providers email server for outgoing email is different from the advertised email address that our customers see.

So when we send an email we are basically saying that we are sending from the home office and of course that is not true and then we run into spoofing problems with some servers.

I have no problem with putting in the correct local server address as long as I have a reply address that shows the advertised email address. I don't want my customers sending to local server as we don't advertise that and it is not monitored on a regular basis.

Anyway I drone on.

Am I missing this setting in or does it not exist?

I looked at Eudora which has this feature, but when I download, install and boot the app I get a memory error. So no luck there.

Open to any and all suggestions.

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