Newbie seeks info...G4 or G5



Hello all. I know this has prob. all been discussed before, but I'd appreciate a little help. I'm planning on FINALLY taking the plunge into the Mac world, and need some input. I have narrowed the field down to either the 1.25 Dual G4, or the 1.6 G5. My newest X86 box is a P4 1.8 Gig, with a 400 Mhz FSB, so as You can see, I don't need the bleeding edge hardware. So, will the G4 become obsolete within the next year or so? Also, is it hampered by a slower FSB? I was leaning towards the G5, but I'm hearing of quite a few people having problems with them. I was thinking, I could pick up the G4, and that would hold Me till the next batch of G5's rolls out. Then, go for the 'biggun'.

Oh, and as for what I'll be doing with it.....well, mostly video editing, and programming.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and thanks for reading yet another "Which one should I get" thread.



I would recommend the 1.6GHz G5. That's what I got. Moved up from the Beige 300MHz G3 so it's quite nice. Would be excellent for video and doesn't cost a whole lot more than the dual 1.25 G4. Plus you'll have the latest processor.


Getting the G4 is good. G5 is marvellous if you have the extra cash. I got my 1.25Dp when the G5 is out and i am using it with no complains :D
Powermac G4 1.25 GHZ dual processor / uni processor is good

Powermac G5 any model is even more sufficent

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