New Switcher, Printer question



My husband and I recently decided to try the switch. He purchased a 12' PB yesterday and I ordered a 15' PB (upgrading the graphic memory). We have his in hand and we are loving it.

THe only thing I am having problems with is setting up the printing. Our current set up has our printer hooked up via USB to a PC running XP and a wireless router connecing our laptops. Our old laptops (running XP) have been able to print fine in this set up. I have been able to set the PB up to our network and have been able to save documents to and retrieve documents from the desktop (We mainnly use the desktop for storage as we have upgraded to 200gb) When I went to set up the printers, I went to add my printer by selecting Windows Printing and then selecting Network neighborhood to locate my network, then PC, and then my printer was listed so I selected it.
But when I go to print, I get the following message:
"Connection failed with error NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED"
And then it goes to:
"Unable to connect with to SAMBA host, will retry in 60 seconds…ERROR: Connection failed with error NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED"

I deleted my printer, re added it, and even changed the printer model version of the setup to reflect my printer model (Epson Stylus Photo 820).
I still get the same error.

Can anyone lead me in the right direction? I know I am probably missing something quite simple, but any help would be appreciated for this newbie MAC user.

I am really enjoying our purchase and can't wait to get mine!(I have been hogging my hubby's)

Thank in advance!
Mar 9, 2004
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Miami FL
Your Mac's Specs
G4 1Ghz OS X 10.4.7
This is a complex set up. I think it's a permissions issue, have you tried checking the mounting of the printer, something like /directory/mountfolder/printer not sure here -o dmask=777,fmask=777 -not on open to internet network of course! Having no network printing apps here, I am making a guess :)

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