New Switcher...kind of went all out



So I've been an avid PC user since I started on computers, and i've probably had about 6 PCs in my lifetime (I'm 20), and I finally gave up on my last compaq laptop (1600+AMD), the build quality just plain sucked.

I got my comission check last week (I work at Cingular Wireless, more about that later), and decided something had to be done. I'm a full time student at UT-Austin as well, so i take my laptop to class everyday for taking notes and talking on I went to Compusa intent on buying the smallest, most powerful portable PC i could find, and nothing really caught my eye. My best friend works for the AppleIT dept here at UT, and she was always raving about her 12" pb, so i wandered over to the mac store and started looking at the 12"...

I walked out of the store with a 15" superdrive pb and the 20" cinema display...and I am utterly amazed by these machines. The build quality is amazing, apart from the one burned pixel on the first 20" display, got that swapped out with no problems though.

I also have a SonyEricsson T616 for work, and i was toying with the bluetooth setting between the two, ended up getting my address book copied over from my phone...i recieved a text message while doing all this, and i went to check it on the phone, and ***, it had appeared on my display as new SMS incoming message, with the option to reply and everything...same with caller ID. BLOWN AWAY i was. Does anybody know if i can answer calls and talk thru the pc speakes and mic?

My only complaint so far is that I had approximately 1000 songs on my old PC laptop, mostly WMAs that i have ripped off my CD collection, and Itunes (which I love) doesn't play. Anybody know of a good utility to convert these all to mp3 and keep my tags and folders intact?

Also, i couldnt really find a good sleve at CompUSA to carry my pb around to class in my backpack...any suggestions?

Took me 24 hours, and i'm never going back :D


also, is there a way to not make it sleep when i close the lid? i like to listen to music before I go to bed, and having the displays on kind of lights up my


I haven't been able to find a good WMA-MP3 converter for the Mac. About the display thing though:
1) USB peripherals can cause the powerbook to wake up with the lid closed: inserting a keyboard and hitting a button, or simply unplugging a USB mouse should work.
2) or, you could just turn the brightness all the way down on you way to bed.
Oct 6, 2003
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Your Mac's Specs
Aluminum PowerBook G4. 15.2" SUPAH-drive
Another possibility is to use "sleepless" you can do a search on versiontracker for that. There's been some debates on whether or not it heats up the computer faster, but yah. I've used many a time it works just fine; nothing wrong.


Man. I'm from Austin. I have tuns of friends going to UT. I'm in pittsburgh pa right now going to school at the art institute. Why?...I don't know. I miss Texas alot...don't ever come here....

But I also have just purchased a pb...12....and it's great. I'm so happy with it. High Sierra has a neat backpacking laptop case. I'd look on their site. I got mine for like 35 bucks I think. And it works great for getting around. Lots of pockets and space for extras and anyother school stuff. There are lots at officemax as well.

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