New MPB, new to Mac - can you walk me through my wireless setup?

Sep 2, 2008
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I am trying to hook up to our household wireless, that we have 2 pc laptops and a VOIP on now (so I know its working).

I get my MPB home, and our network was found in AirPort. The checkmark is there, saying to connect to that network.

Under the network preferences, I entered our password. I believe its WPA2, or so it says in the settings (either AirPort got that from the router on its own, or its the default?).

I still can't browse or send email. What do i do from here? What do i need to set up next? Is it because our router isnt set up for automatic IPs? I tried entering one in manually, but no dice. We had our router on manual for the VOIP but my husband is thinking that if this is the problem, he will reconfigure the entire router set up.

We are extremely new to Macs. As in, this is our first day with one even in our hands and not sure how to proceed out of fear we will screw something major up while missing something basic.

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