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I bought a ipod 10 gb 3rd generation a few months ago. It looks like I can sell it for 190-200 on ebay. I kind of dont like how it scratches so easily but I could get the ice cream or brasso to remove scratches. Its only filled to like 2.32 GB and probably wont get a whole lot fuller since a ton of the songs I dont really like anyways. In your opinon should I get the Ipod mini. I really dont think only 4 GB will be a problem and it looks so cool. I love the feel and look of it. Silver one matches my power book. I just really like it. What do you guys think?
Jul 22, 2003
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well the only reason i would say not to get the mini is because the price is high when you could get the 15 gb for 50 more butttttttt........ since you said the 4gb is not a problem for you and you don't like the scratches on the iPod then i cant really see why not for you. I used it the other day at the store and it is beautiful and much sturdier


I would reccomend keeping your current iPod. The mini's don't just have less space, the buttons are not "touch" like those of a normal iPod.

if you are more about the look of it, check out You can send them your iPod and for $49 bucks they will paint it one of like 25 colors of something. And with the clear coat they put on it becomes much more scratch resistent.


Sounds like a good plan. If you don't see yourself increasing your music library past 4GB the ipod mini should be great. I checked out a silver ipod mini at an apple store today and they are definitely sturdier. I even purposely tried to scratch it with my finger and it was fine.

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