New Macbook Pro

Apr 17, 2007
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OK guys, I don't know if you all remember but I had a major system crash on my macbook (that I got the last week of April). Without going into great detail, I'm still unsure exactly what caused the crash (I am fairly certain it had to do with a corrupted sync file)...

At any rate, I decided to wipe the drive and keep the macbook to give to my son for his birthday in July... I had planned getting him one but after looking at the specs for the macbook pro, I decided to go ahead and buy another one. LOL

So, just to let you know our house now has two macs... although my son's is back in the box all clean and ready to be wrapped. and buy a new macbook pro.

I have a milion and one projects going (including remodeling my entire downstairs). The new office furniture will be here on June 29th... as soon as I have it all set up, I'm going to go ahead and buy a Mac Pro as well. I've pretty much decided to leave my macbooks alone as far as parallels go and only use that and bootcamp on my desktop...

OK, I'm really wasting everyone's time here... I just wanted to say I'm back... and I have to say, the delivery time is something else (especially it coming from China)!


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