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new MacBook Pro, Old iTunes. NAS storage question

Mar 16, 2012
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Currently I have 2 PCs w/ Windows 7 that both run iTunes on my home network. I store and stream all of my songs on my NAS drive (Synology Diskstation 2111+) while allowing iTunes to keep it organized. I'm happy to report that I purchased my first macbook.

I set my Library folder in iTunes on the mac to the Music folder on my NAS, and after a lengthy process everything appears to be indexed and organized and I plan on using the iTunes interface on the mac as my primary iTunes source.

Unfortunately, each and every time I log into iTunes, I am disconnected from my Diskstation and I have to re-enter my username and log in to play songs. And typically it takes a few moments to "Update iTunes Library" once I do this. It even seems to want to bounce the default library location to the mac local folder/disk.

How do I stay connected to my NAS Diskstation and utilize it as my storage for itunes content? (On the PC side it was simple; trying to sync my Mac to do so is proving more troublesome...keep in mind though, I'm new to man)


Any suggestions?