New Logic 9 and iMac user says Howdy

Mar 21, 2010
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Amarillo Texas
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iMac i5 w/16 gigs Ram. 2TB storage for now...
Hi folks

First post- lots to learn and read...
I am currently waiting for my new iMac i5 machine to arrive early next week. YAY! :Evil: I just received yesterday my copy of a new version of Logic Studio. I read up on this host and since it was an apple product too, I figured that this would be the way to go. I have a huge Mac learning curve ahead of me im sure. :Oops:

Im 1st an old guitar player, and have used daws with windows up until now. My host was Sonar 8.5 and I used many virtual synths /drums/bass/vst's on that system. I am a little concerned with how all this will finally end up on the iMac, and do not even know if I should consider installing Windows on the iMac later just for Sonar too. You see I have never used Logic before.

Lots and lots and lots ;D of questions will be asked later im sure, but right now I just wanted to say howdy and maybe get a few must do first pointers from the experts if possible. :D



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