New iphone sync resulted in loss of contacts!

Nov 22, 2011
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Colne, Lancashire
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Hopefully I am posting this in the right place - please let me know if it should be in a different forum.

I got a new iphone3Gs as an in-store swap today and I totally cocked up the sync when I got home resulting in a total loss of all my contacts, notes etc.

It's a 3Gs and its backed up to a macbook pro - the old iphone was running IOS 5.0.1 and the macbook pro runs Mac OSX Version 10.7.2

I backed up my old phone at the weekend and did the swap at the iphone shop today, and the old iphone was wiped and I was given a new handset. When I got home and plugged in to sync. a message came up to say the new phone needed to be update with new software IOS 5.0.1 in order to sync so I would need to register the iphone as a new phone before I could sync.

This is where I made the mistake because when i registered it as a new phone in itunes on my macbook pro, it defaulted to the name of my previous phone and so updated the software and then synched in the process it wiped the data from the old phone .... argh!

I use Time-machine and backed up 2 weeks ago so what i would like to do is retrieve my contacts, sms messages, notes etc . Can anyone tell me how I can do this.

Appreciate any advice you can offer.



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