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new iMac G5: fundamental flaw?



Well, I really like the new iMac design. It's quite beautiful in my opinion. But there's something that really bothers me about it.

I don't know about you guys, but when I buy any display I'll often use that display for several computers over many years. I used a 17'' CRT (a trinitron that I loved) for 5 years over multiple systems. The new iMac has a stunning display, however it cannot be used with a new computer. So, in a few years, that expensive quality display will be wasted -- stuck to the slower machine.

Apple needs to have an affordable box, similar to the PowerMac except with a single processor and other differences to distinguish itself. What you you all think? Seems wasteful to me.
Jun 25, 2004
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Luxemburg, Europe
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Well, maybe you didn't get the point of the iMac then...
The idea of the iMac, from the very first one until now, was to be an all-in-one computer, which it was and still is. Having everything in one case to have a minimum of cables lying around and to simply plug-in and use, that's what iMac stands for. The actual iMac G5 is a neraly perfect interpretation of that idea, because there's no other desktop computer taking up such a small place on the desk.
Even if it looks like being just a screen, it's a whole computer, so the screen obviously isn't intended to be used by an other computer.

Nevertheless, I agree with you about the fact that Apple should sell again a new Low Cost Mac without screen. They did it in the past, and called it LC (for Low Cost) and it sold pretty well.
And the best thing is, they already have what they need! Take the iMac G5s case, without the screen and foot. Put it on the desk like a slim tower, move the connectors to the back, and there you have it! They could sell that G5 at the price of an eMac, or even build a cheaper one with the eMac's specs and sell it around 500,-$
I'm pretty sure that this would make even more people switch. I know a lot of people than would buy Macs if only they were cheaper. The eMac is cheap, but without the bulky screen, it would be a lot cheaper...

my 2cents... ;)
Oct 27, 2002
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Cleveland, Ohio
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This has always been an issue with the iMac. But as has been mentioned, that is its point.

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