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New G5's, Old PCI Boards, any work rounds.....?



Hello All

I've just got two new G5's on account of 2 G4's being stolen and I want to get two high end Digi camera's which I used to use with the G4's working on the new G5's but my camera supplyers say that they can only supply and only produce the old 24 bit cards, which have a different fitting to the slots in the G5's (Even the most basic model G5 which does not feature the all new super fast PCI-X slots)and also the old cards run on a lower voltage than the G5's supply,
I was wandering if anyone knows of a way round this problem, if theres any adapter or way of adding more PCI boards externaly because at the moment it's really eating into my work flow. And also it seems that many people wishing to update there computers but still stick with the same external devices will be coming up against this problem.
Thanks for your time,

Andrew Brooks

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