New eMacs are sweet!

Oct 27, 2002
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17" iMac G4 800MHz 1GB RAM
Went to Small Dog Electronics today, to look at the new iPods. They're about 30 minutes from here. Over the river and through the woods :). It's a pretty neat place. Has the whole Apple atmosphere, and they had 1 of everything. They're site is run on 3 Xserves that are load balanced , right inside the store. It was pretty cool.

Any way, the eMacs. My mother-in-law has been thinking about a Mac, and the 17" is too expensive for them. So I figured I would investigate the eMacs. I can tell you this. If my old company didn't buy me this 17" iMac, I would DEFINITELY buy one of these for a low budget machine. The screen was very nice, and it was definately fast enough for people that aren't major motion picture producers :).

I guess the RAM upgrade is pretty easy too. Just a panel under the main unit. So it is wise to buy the cheap machine, and then jam some RAM into it.

All the ports were on the right side, instead of the back, which I liked. Sometimes the ports are hard to deal with on the iMac.

It wasn't too huge, but the monitor was definately of good quality. I thought that I might actually like the CRT better than the LCD.

I would definately recommend these to people that want a Mac, but don't need a PowerMac, and can't afford the iMacs.

I almost laid the credit card down right there... but I was there to look at iPods, remember :)


..and thats exactly what I'm doing.
I've fallen in love with these super machines!

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