New Airport Extreme - I've got a couple questions

Apr 12, 2007
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Vancouver, BC
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2.16Ghz Core2Due 20" iMac - 2Gb RAM - wireless Mac KB - wireless MX610 mouse
Hi Everyone,

First, is there any way to filter the list of available networks displayed in the available network lists? Right now I can see 9 available networks besides my own.

Second, I've got a 160Gb Maxtor OneTouch attached to my Airport and I notice that the drive is spinning all the time. When I had it connected to my old WinXP machine it would spin down and sleep after a period of idle time. Now that it's connected to the Airport I guess the airport is polling it often and keeping it from going to sleep. Should I be concerned about this? I think my drive is going to get a harder workout in this configuration.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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