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Nov 29, 2014
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Hello Everyone,
My First Post!
After 25+ years of using Windows and fighting viruses, I moved to Apple this year. I got tired of people telling me that Windows based computers are "just as good as an Apple" or "All you have to do is", meaning I had to jump through this hoop or that hoop just to do what I wanted to do. I cannot tell you how much money and more importantly TIME I've wasted using Windows based computers! Sorry for the rant, I cannot stand to waste precious time.

I first bought a 2007 15" macbook pro off of eBay to make sure I was going to like Apple's operating system. I installed a 512GB flash drive and 8 GB of RAM (It only recognizes 6 GB) but it is fast for an old computer. The operating system was a steep learning curve for me but well worth it.
I then bought my wife a mini iPad retina and a 13.3" macbook pro retina as well as a iPhone 5S.
I purchased for myself a IPhone 6 128GB and just yesterday I received my new 21.5" IMAC.
I maxed it out with the 3.1GHz i7 processor, 16 gig of RAM, 1 gig video card and a 512GB flash drive. I also bought a 1TB G-Drive Thunderbolt external. (We bought a 2 TB Airport Extreme Time Capsule but are having a hard time getting it to work with my existing Optical Cable system).
When I was doing my research on which Mac to buy, the overwhelming majority of people said to "buy the 27" or you will regret it" or "always go with the 27". It is faster,better,etc...
My desk is made in such a way that a 27" just will not fit in the space. In fact, this 21.5" only has 3/4" space of clearance above the monitor. I went to the Apple Store many times to look at both sizes. Then the 5K 27" came out and I was impressed with the monitor. It is extremely clear! It was however, just a little sluggish at times with the $2499 configuration. I also did not want the Fusion Drive (which I personally think is a stop gap solution until Flash Drives come down more in price). I DID like the faster processor and the ability to upgrade to 32 GB of RAM and the 1TB flash drive option. Configured the way I would want it, it would be appx $4000 AND having to purchase a new different style desk!

My computer cost me $2399 (not including the external hard drive and wired keyboard and I also purchased Apple Care. Man, I've spent a bundle on Apple products the last 7 months. I just remembered we also bought 2 Apple TV's too! lol)
I really wanted to wait until sometime next year for the 5K display to trickle down to the 21.5" but went ahead and took the plunge. I figure I can sell this computer in 18 to 24 months and get a good chunk of my money back (I typically keep my computers until they die so I buy top of the line to extend their useful lifespan but in this case I may make an exception. I really did like that 5K display!). Maybe by then they will also offer a 1TB+ flash drive.
Today I did a Black Magic Disk Speed Test. The Write speed is 708.7 MB/s and the Read speed is 716.6 MB/s. That is plenty fast for me and I'm pleased. Most apps load almost instantly. The flash drive really does make a difference. I realize that most of the IMAC's and MacBooks on the "floor" at the Apple Store are not configured to be Top Of Line, or "Maxed Out", but my computer is faster than any computer I tested at several different stores here in the Nashville area (maybe 10 to 15 computers over the past several months).

Sorry for the long winded post but just wanted to say I'm pleased with the 21.5" model.

Thanks for letting me speak and looking forward to much knowledge and advice
from all of you experts in the upcoming months.

Blessings, Brian


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Jan 23, 2008
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Jan 14, 2014
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I actually wish Apple would release a dummy monitor based on the 21.5'' iMac. I love the Thunderbolt display but $1000 kind of stings in one go and I'd be fine with a smaller screen regardless. The 21.5'' has some good configuration options (which it looks like you opted for). It just sucks because, well, if you ever want a larger screen you are stuck with that 21.5''. That's why I don't like All-in-Ones and haven't been a fan of the iMac line pretty much since forever. I feel the same way about the 27'' really, but couldn't imagine ever using a computer monitor much bigger than that. If you're happy with your computer's display though, no issues (especially if the space you have for it is ~just right~ for a 21.5'' display).

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