Networking the mac to a PC drive.



Ok, so here's where I'm at. 10.3.4 osX; Windows 2000 Professional.

Both computers see each other on the network. However, I cannot log into my win2k machine from the mac. I can log into the mac from the pc, using a 2ndary mac account I created.

Here's what I want to do. (They have this setup at my school.) I need to be able to set the network up so that I can login into my PC drive from the mac, and mount that drive. Preferably I'd love to have it when I start up the computer and login, but at this point I'd settle for just being able to click an icon and login/mount the drive.

I've tried several things, and again the problem seems to be that I cannot log into the pc. It has appletalk installed and netbios which should take care of the talking between the two systems. (I'll say again that the PC can log into the mac using a secondary account and drop files on, or take em off.) I simply cannot do it the other way, which is the real goal.

Any help would be great.


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