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Networking Problem?!?!

Nov 27, 2004
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Yorkshire, UK
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20" iMac | iPhone 4
Hello there,

I have had my iBook hooked up to my network ever since I purchased it (a good few months now).

My network consists of a Belkin F5D7630uk4A Wireless ADSL Modem/Router which connects a Windows XP Professional OS Desktop machine, a Windows XP Home Edition Laptop computer and my lovely iBook.

It was pretty simple to get the iBook connected to the network and I have since enjoyed wireless freedom :)

The problem comes when I wish to transfer large files (100MB+) to my iBook from one of my other machines.

I connect to the shared folder on the machine I want, start copying the files but so far in I get an error saying that the server I was connected to is no longer available?!?! and so I have to disconnect (in some cases this freezes my poor iBook totally).

But the server is there! Because as soon as you disconnect you can find it again!

This problem does not occur when I am doing anything but copying large files.

Has anyone got any ideas or am I going to have to resort to plugging in the old CAT5 cable for transferring files?


Chris. :mac: