Networking help.



Heres my situation. I have a Powermac G4 tower running OS9.2(the 350mhz first one they came out with, basically a G3 all around in features *make wah wah wah noise here*). So all dumb jokes aside, right now I have that hooked up to my printer, scanner and internet through my cable company, comcast. Wow.

So I've got a 17" powerbook on the way(1.5ghz w/128mb graphics, 1gbRAM, 80gb@5400rpm and a new 40gb iPod, yes! finally!) and I'm trying to figure out how to:

1) make both computers talk to each other so I can share files, etc back and forth

2) keep the tower hardwired into the 'nerd and make the powerbook wireless (it seems like the airport base station might not be the best thing to get??)

3) be able to run all the peripherals off of either machine. I'm also going to be picking up a highspeedUSB/Firewire backup drive, probably a 250gb in a few weeks, so I'd like to be able to utilize that in addtion to the printer and scanner for both as well.

I've found some options, but I'm still unclear on the best way to do it. I'm looking for the easiest and of course cheapest without sacrificing performance.

Thanks in advance for any help. They should seriously teach you this stuff when you go to school for graphic design...or did I sleep through that class???

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