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Please help. at school we have recently got some new macs. we have had a lot of problems with it and really need help. it is a wireless and a wired network with about 32 computers ( 2 imacs, 16 ibooks and 14 emacs). one of the problems is that we have had about three different people to make it work, all doing there own thing. oh dear.

Question 1: One computer, an emac cannot be seen on remote desktop. we have tried searching it's ip address and ones around it. it doesn't work. On other computers, it can be seen on ' connect to server' on it's own. this would suggest it was set up wrong. is there any way to change the emac ' server' to a normal client.

Question 2: Our Epson Acculazer c1900 is slow. Some computers don't call it the right name and the wirless ibooks don't print at all.

Question 3: The wirless ibooks don't save. It just doesn't work. We bought them as part of the wireless classroom. we also have a wireless pc network. someone at pc world ( one of our technical helpers) said we don't need an airport because we have a wirless pc network.

I will post more as these are awnserd.

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