Networking and AirPort/Belkin/XP/Vista help

Feb 12, 2007
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13" Macbook 2.0GHz, Airport Extreme, 3G iPod Nano
Hello all,

I decided that it was time to get rid of my Netgear-g router, so I did. The only problem was deciding on what to purchase as a replacement. I narrowed it down to the hackable Linksys, or the AirPort Extreme. Considering AE was more than 3x the price, it would have to have some "extreme" qualities to justify the price. Then I thought about it: most wireless-n routers were upwards of $100, and the AE included a wireless print server AND NAS drive capabilities for only $60 more (education discount). I figured the AE, at $160 was the best deal, and since I'd never use the Linux features of the Linksys anyway, I bought it.

Now, the questions:

While some people claim that it "just works," they probably connect only one or two computers, thereby reducing any chance of complications. I, on the other hand, needed to network 1 XP wired computer, 1 Vista wired computer, a MacBook running wireless-n, an XP computer running wireless-g (with a Belkin USB wireless adapter - what a chore that was to get working!), and a wired Xbox360.

I have all the computers finally networked. However, the Belkin adapter PC periodically loses its connection (this did not happen with the Netgear). Any suggestions?

Next, I think that I remember reading that AirPort uses different terms with respect to security (i.e. WEP on a Mac may mean something else on a PC). Is this true?

Finally, how do you share folders on Mac? In this case, I think Windows "just works" much better than Mac after running the wizard. I tried to access the public folder on the Mac from Vista (which shows the drive). However, it keeps asking me for a user name and password. (I tried all my combinations, to no avail). How do I do it? I just want to be able to access some of my docs/pics/music/etc... on my Mac from the rest of my PC's.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance for all your responses.

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