Networking a eMac and a WinXP laptop...possible?



I am using my eMac as the wireless base to network with my WinXP laptop with a wif adapter.

I can access my DSL through the eMac and my router tells me I am broadcasting (forgive me this is my first attempt to do this kind of thing) so I can only assume the base is correctly configured.

The fun comes from the WinXP side. I am able to get the wifi adapter to accept the signal from the router and link up, however at this point neither computer can access the internet.

I find myself wadding through a sea of incomprehindable Windows menu and options. Why can't Windows be as user friendly as Mac :rolleyes: When I give up in disgust and rebot my mac I notice I cannot get the internet back. I have to shut down my eMac and unplug my DSL modem and router for a couple minutes, then reboot everything.

My goal is to be able to access the net from both computers. Is this possible with my setup?




Thanks, Whiteshark.

What I'm trying to to is use the DSL connection on my Mac with my XP laptop wirelessly.

Been banging my head against a wall for the last hour of two and have come to one conclusion...Windows XP is no different from 95,98, or ME. Same structure, still unproductive. This only confirms the reason why I got a Mac. Real big leap forward Gates. Instead of leaps forward, I think he's just making big leaps to the side.

I think the whole issue is because of Mac communicating with Windows.
Aug 25, 2004
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It works

Army_F_Body said:
What I'm trying to to is use the DSL connection on my Mac with my XP laptop wirelessly.

I did what you speak of with my XP laptop, and PowerBook laptop. While at my dad's house, I plugged into his network (no wireless there) with my PB, and Created a wireless network. Give it a WEP key, 5 character for 40 bit, 13 chars for 128-bit (ASCII, not HEX). On the XP notebook I was able to see the wireless network, in the Advanced Wireless Options, you plug in the ASCII key you punch in on the Mac, and you have to click on the Shared Key checkbox, otherwise it will only have a link, but no data will go across. You'll see several sent packets, but no receive in the status window.

Hope this helps.


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